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Sun-shine Sports, LLC. focus on providing opportunities for student-athletes, sport teams, and athletic associations in Asia to network with athletic organizations in the United States. Since its service inception in 2001, Sun-shine Sports has been offering consulting, planning, and training services in the areas of Athletic/Educational Exchange Programs and Sports Events in Hawaii.       

Hawaii is the host for many sports events through the year (both leisure and professional) - open water swimming, triathlon, extreme iron-man, marathon, surfing championships, golf tournament, canoe and paddleboard races...In addition, it is also home to many of our student-athletes who participate in sports year-around.  Sun-shine Sports has hosted many athletic groups to participate in various sports events. Sun-shine Sports has accumulated tremendous experiences in this area and has brought confidence and opportunities to many young athletes through exchange programs.  In recent year, Sun-shine Sports also started collaboration with Hawaii local schools on international exchange and outreach programs through athletics, performing arts and other academic fields. Our goal is to bring an international learning experience to as many students as we can and help them to be globally ready for their future.     

With high enthusiasm and motivation in promoting sports and goodwill relationships between Asia and the US, Sun-shine Sports strives to continue our success in finding all possible ways to assist sports individuals and organizations.

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