Sun-shine Aquatics was established in May, 2006 as a USA Swimming and Hawaiian Swimming registered club in the State of Hawaii. Since the beginning, this program has been a unique place where young children learn the correct swimming technique, while enjoying the sport itself. One significant difference to distinguish our program from the others is the fact that we do not solely pursue the concept of competitiveness, but rather the overall enjoyment of participation and learning of life skills through the sport of swimming.  We are highly committed to provide opportunities for young children to participate in a whole-some, lifesaving, and recreational activity, to learn the correct strokes and technique, to develop good patterns of physical fitness and healthy habits, and to engage in social, emotional, and educational development.  

With rich background, knowledge and experience, our coaches emphasize on proper forms and technique, and are dedicated to develop among young children the character and self-discipline necessary to succeed not only in swimming but also in other aspects of their lives.  We strive to build and maintain a superior community-based swimming program that emphasizes individual growth, nurtures a thorough knowledge of the sport,  to encourage peer and family participation, and to promotes a healthy lifestyle and spirit of sportsmanship. 

We are also committed to provide a safe and positive environment where young participants are encouraged and motivated to learn, interact, and develop knowledge and skills that are applicable within and beyond the sport of swimming. In addition, we are determined to promote to all of our participants and member families the value of confidence, excellence at all levels, and leadership in future career.  

our practice


Kapaolono District Pool
701 11th Ave.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Workout Hours

Mondays - Fridays
5:15 pm - 7 pm

Interested in more info?

Please feel free to email us at or call at 808-284-2286

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